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The easiest way to send and receive video email on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Video email & vCards

Amazing Features

Easily create and send personal video messages to anyone in the world - whether or not they're using Eyejot. Compose new videos using your iPhone or iPod Touch or select existing video from your photo gallery. Send a single video message to one or many people.

Eyejot is the first to introduce video business cards called Eyejot vCards. Now, instead of handing out traditional business cards that are easily discarded and rarely remembered, you can send electronic vCards that include video, location map data, links to your social networks and all your contact information.

Create & Send Video Mail
Easily send video mail to anyone, anwhere, anytime.

Eyejot vCards
Manage and send video business cards. Include contact & location information.

Video Inbox
Access all your video mail directly from your phone. Download copies for permanent storage.


Amazing features now available on your iPhone

Message Details
Easily see details about video messages you receive. Reply by video, or email. Downloading videos to your phone is just a click-away.

Eyejot vCards
Make the ultimate impression with video business cards. They can be sent in seconds! Enter in contact email addresses or scan them from QR codes. Recipients see your contact information, Google Map and your own QR barcode.

vCard Templates
Create and manage up to five vCard videos. Use them for special events and conferences. Create some for personal use and some for business. Include contact information and links to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Profile Pictures
Easily snap a new profile picture or load one from your photo gallery. Change it as often as you like.

Application Explorer

Explore our iPhone application through this interactive simulator. While it's not really functional, you can still press on navigation buttons to expose different parts of the application and see what the app looks like.

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About Us

Eyejot is the Internet's leading video mail platform serving customers located throughout the world.

Eyejot Inc.
Seattle, WA


Get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

Twitter: @eyejot
Email: support@eyejot.com

More Eyejot

Eyejot will soon launch versions of its mobile client for Android phones and a tablet version for the iPad and Android devices will follow.

Eyejot is also available on the web and can be used on your desktop using any browser and webcam.

Eyejot PRO and PRO Plus for the web provide additional features like attachment support, file uploading and logo branding. Learn more here.

We strive to build software and tools that empower our users to do great things.

We want our users to be excited and delighted with our products.

Creating platforms and tools that positively change how our users communicate is what drives us.

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The Buzz About Our App

On Twitter

"Eyejot makes an impact."
 I love to send video “thank you” messages right after we do business together.

Shep Hyken, NYTimes bestselling author

"I Love It!"
Eyejot is a breakthrough tool for profit and productivity. I love it and plan to tell a lot of people about it!

Terry L. Brock, TerryBrock.com

"A whole new level."
Eyejot is my tool of choice to connect and manage my key relationships.

Ken Rutkowski, Founder
METal International

"Business cards are doomed!"
Eyejot will forever change how we respond to and share business cards.

Buzz Bruggeman, ActiveWords.com

@DigitalChiro   November 27
Eyejot Allows Chiropractors to Send Video eMail Without Using Tokbox

@dankellermtg  November 23
just rec'd one of the nicest video notes from a #realtor all the way across the country that I've never even met...

@NikPeachey  November 25
Eyejot - the easiest way to send video messages | @scoopit bit.ly/vEqArT #ict #esol #esl #mlearn #elearn #edtech #elt


Easy to access inbox
Click on the messages icon to expose your inbox and also reach a view of sent items.

Composing is a click away!
When you're ready to send a new Eyejot, just click the compose button. Record with your camera or use content from your gallery.

Eyejot vCards are awesome!
Give them a try. Before long you'll be leaving your old, paper business cards behind and making lasting impressions with video.

Work with iPads and iPods
If you've got an iPod Touch with a camera or an iPad 2 then you'll be happy to know that our iPhone app will run on those devices.

Go ahead, kick the tires by pressing some of the app's buttons